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scheduling app

Invite with Phone number

Invite users to an official, business or personal event by just using their phone number. No need to email ID, just phone number is good enough! You can also send invites to persons who are not in your phone book contacts by simply entering their mobile number. No need to save the number to your contacts. Application also enables two parties (either business or individual) to communicate, organize, RSVP, remind and manage events easily. It comes with integrated Chat, Calendar, Video conferencing and many personalization features that are handy for businesses and convenient for users.

Track participation

Track responses from meeting participants, new joiners of a shared event and the delivery status of meeting invites for accurate planning.

scheduling app
scheduling app


Communicate and send updates within a meeting group using the integrated meeting group communication system. System also provide user with information on status of the sent message enabling user to know if the message is delivered and or read by the recipients.

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